Here is our news for those of you who don't know already.

We took over the youth group 4 weeks ago!

It has been such an amazing experience!

Here is the story....

In the first week in January the youth pastor announced that he and his family were moving to Texas. And 3 weeks later they were gone. Robert and I had been involved in the youth group before and we were a little worried about what was going to happen. So we were praying and Robert started poking around for information and everyone he talked to had no idea about what was going to happen. So we kept praying and he finally called up one of our elders and was talking with him about it. And the ball started rolling from there. We both felt like the kids needed to have stability during transition. They needed to have familiar faces, not different ones every week. And the Lord started to give us a vision of what that would look like. We both felt like we needed to be involved on a consistent basis. So Robert talked with Pastor. Pastor talked with the elders. And February rolled around and now we are leading the youth group! It's sorta crazy because neither of us see ourselves as leaders. But Robert is a teacher so he has training in leading a group of kids. It's even crazier because the vision that God gave us has come together like bread and butter in just a short few weeks. We changed the whole system and some of the students are a little hesitant still but others are seeing the benefits. We added in small group time after the teaching and that has been positive for all of the leaders, it will just take time for everyone to get to know each other and feel comfortable talking in front of the other students. We also made the band take some time off. We were going to cancel it because they didn't do any performing on a regular basis. And the next week God provided a leader who is talented in leading a band. So he will be starting that up in the next couple of weeks. They will be playing every week at youth! We are excited! Also, leaders are popping up out of the woodworks! We have about 10 who are involved right now. We usually have at least 6 each week! It is so cool to see how the Lord has worked out all of the details! It's going to be a fun journey to see what else the Lord has in store! We have already planned our first event and even if the students are showing excitement we really feel like this first event will really pull everyone together through fun fellowship and lots of hours together :-)



Trust Me

We can't get pregnant again until......conditions are perfect.

The thought that was going through our head after Genevieve was born. We can't fit 3 car seats in our 20 year old car. So we can't have another baby till we have a newer car that can hold 3 car seats.

Then the Holy Spirit started to stir. Why aren't you having another baby? Because we just don't have the room! Are you going to trust me to provide a vehicle for you?...............Yes Lord, we will trust you.

And so we had my iud taken out and were birth control free (which was actually more freedom than just being able to get pregnant; I had been stressing out about it for over a year). I wanted to have a few months at least to lose some weight, but less than 2 months later, we were pregnant.

The only semi-issue we had was that I didn't have any insurance. I wasn't in any hurry to apply and go through all the hoops that are required of state insurance and I don't like my former doctor's office and I was dreading the idea of going there again. Plus, I didn't want Edmund's to change before his second eye surgery was over. So I waited. And then I applied. And then I was denied.

Robert makes too much money for me to be on state insurance. We pay a small fee for Edmund's and Genevieve qualifies for that same one but there isn't any funding for the program to accept new children and she has been on a waiting list since she turned one.

I was so sure that I would be accepted that not being accepted didn't cross my mind. I was shocked! Lord, what are we going to do now? Just trust me. Please. I have the best plan. Trust me and you will know that I will take care of you. I'm just asking you to trust me, just like you did in the beginning. Will you trust me to follow through?? Yes, Lord, we will continue to trust you.

And peace has been our banner.

And our car is falling to pieces.

And I'm halfway through this pregnancy.

And this precious baby has started to stir in my belly.

And I know that He is faithful.

So I will trust.


The best kind of love

The BEST FRIEND kind of love. My husband. He is the best. And he is my best friend in the world. We talk about....literally....everything. We have no secrets. Except with each other. And today....love day....he came home with the best present. Fried green beans and a mediterranean salad.
Now, I know you are probably thinking, what in the world?? Why would he bring that to you on Valentines day? Doesn't he know about chocolate and flowers? First of all, if you haven't tried fried green beans, you have to head up to Tall Pine Grill up by the theater in Lakeside and get some. I promise you won't be disappointed! And both have to do with 1-I'm pregnant and when I'm pregnant and certain things taste good...my husband pays attention...and tries to think of how he can get me said thing. And 2-Because I'm pregnant and have the curse of a pregnancy related never ending yeast infection, I'm not eating any sugar. Sugar makes it 100 times worse. And my husband knows this, and is thoughtful, and didn't want to buy me sugar. As far as flowers go, he buys me those throughout the year so it isn't something that I have to have on love day beacause it is even more special when he gets me them on ordinary days :-) So, this is my husband, loving, thoughtful, kind, caring, wonderful! I love you baby! Thank you for loving me so well! :-)



Tomorrow morning bright and early, I will have to force myself out of bed, get dressed in a groggy haze of alertness and go to the early service at church. We NEVER go to the early service unless something like this forces us to! I have to make my legs work, one in front of the other, walk up onto the platform and get behind the podium. I have to give my testimony! EEK!!! Wait? What exactly is a testimony? I mean we hear the word in church and other times but what exactly are we looking for? I looked it up. It is simply a formal written or spoken statement. And I am supposed to be talking specifically of how EE or Evangelism Explosion impacted my life and how I met Jesus. So here goes everything! I'm just going to be praying that my legs don't collapse and my thoat doesn't close up and my face doesn't look like a tomato! I'm def going to be wearing makeup tomorrow :-) Maybe it will hide my uneasiness! Ok, here it is!

My Uncle was going through a rough time in his marriage. He asked us if we would go to church with him. So, my Mom brought us here. I didn’t grow up in a church but I also didn’t grow up not believing that there was a god of some kind. It just wasn’t important in our house to learn about Him. So going to church wasn’t too awkward. The awkward part came when Pastor set up a time to come to our house and “get to know us a little bit.” I just turned 16. I just got my license that day. I didn’t want to get to know a pastor. What did that mean anyway? What was he going to say? Isn’t it weird to ask if you can come over? So I, in my slightly rebellious nature, was trying every way to get out of it. But my Mom wouldn’t let me. She told me I had to be home at a certain time because the Pastor was going to be there. As I was pulling into the drive way they were walking up to the door. I say they because there were 3 of them, Pastor and 2 kids from the youth group. My stomach started to churn. I was nervous. I was thinking,”seriously mom, why are you making me do this?” I went inside and sat down at the table. And in his usual way, Pastor started talking and made everyone feel more comfortable. I’m pretty sure we didn’t jump right into what the Bible says about Jesus but that is all I remember. I remember him showing us the Bible and telling us who Jesus was. Then he asked the question,” If you died right now and Jesus was waiting for you in heaven, and he asked you why he should let you into his heaven, what would you say?” In my head, it was clear to me that I didn’t have any reason why He should let me in. And I answered,” I really don’t know.” And then Pastor told me that I could know Jesus and that he would forgive me for my sins because He took the payment that I deserved. My life was forever changed when my sin was revealed to me and Jesus was made known to me. I was grateful after that, that my mom had forced me to come home and that a pushy Pastor had made an appointment to come and get to know us a little bit! My name is Krystle Hummer, and so you don’t have to ask, I’ve been here for 10 years!


The cold kicked us out last night

Around 6:30 pm the lights flickered off and on and then kept flickering. I thought I was at a club somewhere :-) Then the lights dimmed down to being barely on. Then the stove stopped blowing the fabulous hot air that warms our house. And I started to panic and texted my husband who had been gone all afternoon at junior high basketball games. Thankfully, he was just around the corner. I tried calling our neighbor but no one answered. So I called APS. They told me that they had a crew on it and they were having some trouble with a few transformers and that they usually have it fixed within 4-5 hours. By then we all would have frozen in our sleep with how cold it has been so we packed our bags. We bundled up the babies and put them in our freezing car that has no heater and headed to Concho. On the way down the road the snow was blowing off of the hood of the car and somehow hitting me in the face! We really need a miracle car. I'm thankful my parents live close and that we had a warm place to stay. But I don't do well with the stress of instant packing and driving in the cold. I'm also thankful for an amazing husband who came over before work and filled up and started the pellet stove so that when we all were ready we could come home to a cozy home. Thanks baby!