A New House

ok....so the news we have been wanting to tell everyone for over 2 years.....the Lord has plopped a house right in our laps!!!!!! We are so excited :-) 

It's the deal of the century for us! It is a 2001, 2050 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 bath on 1.1 acres of land! And it is the perfect price. We have been pre-qualified for the loan and are working out the details of it all. We should be moving in in Sept....be prepared for our last moving party!! Hehehehehehe.....

I'm sure there will be pics in a little while!


April May June Update!

WOW!!! Time flies when you are busy. And boy have we been busy! I'll start from Edmund's B-day party and end today!

The party went fine....but it was so windy that no one could enjoy anything!!!! And Edmund was sick...better luck next year I guess :-) He was still a trooper and tried to enjoy his birthday party.

I started my business....well now the second one I guess if you count being a doula as the first. I am now a Beauti Control senior consultant! I do in home spa events that are a BLAST!!! I love love love this way to make some extra money and to have an outlet of sorts. So my very first spa was May 5th and I have had one a week till this week. It has been great and I am so excited to see where this path will lead in the future!
My first spa!
Spa Brunch~YUMMY

We have made lots of shirts....so going to Poland next summer on a missions trip! If you are interested in helping us out go to www.shirtcon.com and order some awesome Christian t-shirts...we have designed them and do all the printing! It's a blast :-)

We went down to the valley for our friend Rachel's wedding. It was so beautiful! She married a man from Ethiopia and they intermixed cultures and it was really cool. We had such a good time! Plus we got to shopping for summer clothes which turned out really well!

This week Robert had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off and we were working! We put together this gigantic play house/swing set at his parents house! The directions said that it would take 16 hours to put together and it took all 16 hours!!! It was fun but man it had a ton of little boards!

Robert finished his 2nd year of teaching and received a contract for next year despite all of the worry over the budget! We were seriously ready to move if that is what the Lord wanted but it seems we are being led to stay. And now a house has been plopped in our laps and we really want to buy it! It would be amazing. It is a 2000 sqaure foot double wide on 1.1 acres of land. It has wood flooring throughout, a georgeous kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms....it's perfect for us to grow into! We are so excited and praying that it will work out! Robert has to go back to school in order for our dumb student loans to go into deferrment so that we can qualify for a loan but it will work out for the best...he needed a little push back into school to start his masters and this is the perfect reason!

He is working up at the Pinetop rec center for the summer....well part time! He isn't getting as many hours as we would like but the Lord always provides and gets us through. He likes it cause it's an easy job to do and has low stress! It's been a good break for him and he is getting some rest with all of his time off! We have even gone fishing this summer! WOOHOO :-)

Now onto Genevieve! She is 6 months old today!!! It has flown by and we have had a blast. She is eating some solid foods about twice a day. We started a couple of weeks ago and she doesn't want to stop! She loves to eat and when she isn't eating she tries to go after Edmund's food! She has her two bottom teeth. They came in the 1st and 8th of June. It has been a work in progress for about 4 months but they finally came through! She started rolling over April 26 back to tummy and completed the roll May 2nd and hasn't stopped since! She is up on her hands and knees and lurching forward and almost crawling! It's so much fun to see the differences between her and Edmund. They are total opposites! They adore each other and it's awesome to see Edmund love on her and play with her. He is such a great big brother. He brings her toys to play with and he will cover her with a blanket and every morning when he wakes up he comes up to her and tries to tickle her and give her kisses. It's the best and I love every minute!

My precious Princess! Such a happy girl!

Seriously Adorable :-) Summer fun!

I love my zaz!