New Address

I have new pics...but no way to upload them at this time because my little thing is packed away some where in some box :-) 

So, our new address is:

1582 DuPierre Circle
Show Low, AZ 85901

PO Box 90752
White Mountain Lake, AZ 85912



We went to Salt Lake City area last week on a totally spontaneos journey! Robert was online at our favorite soccor teams website. He saw that they were coming to North America and freaked out! Even more when they were going to be playing against the MLS All-Star team in Salt Lake! He was like...ummmm we totally have to go! PLEASE!!! And since life has been extreamly crazy busy stressful ALL month we decided to go. It was a blast and every detail worked out perfectly. I found just about the cheapest motel that I could find with a weeks notice so I booked it. It turned out that the hotel was right next to a TRAX (light rail) station that we were able to ride into Salt Lake where we went to this awesome hands on children's musium called Discovery Gateway. Edmund LOVED it. They had this area that had the balls that are at McDonalds and you could put them into these vacuum tubes and they would go up and around and drop back down into a cylinder thing. The other area he loved was this town and there was a construction zone, farm, and store area where you could pick out fruit and veggies and meat and put it in a basket. There were bails of hay and a horse to sit on and some trucks to drive. It was awesome. Then we took him to Build a Bear. I know it's a crazy way to spend $30 but it was so cool for him to get to pick out the animal and the clothes and the shoes and push the pedal to fill it up with fluff! He chose a dog and named her Angela and gave her a fire fighter suit and boots! Then we rode the TRAX back to the hotel. We were there for a few min and made some dinner reservations for a restaurant that our neighbor recommended to us! Thank you Anne! It was awesome :-) It was called The Mayan Adventure. It happened to be right across from the stadium and about 10 min from our hotel! When you walk back to the seating area there are these huge trees and right in the middle is a wall of water falls and a pool at the bottom. And every 30 minutes these guys would do all sorts of crazy dives into the pool. It was neat. The food was yummy. After dinner we walked over to the stadium and had a blast watching the match. It was really cool. I think we barely made it cause we were in the last row and it was sold out! We will def be going back to Salt Lake. There is a ton to do and of course more Soccer to watch! Oh...and since we didn't have a US team to root for we decided to pick Real Salt Lake as our American team....it was either them or the team from LA....who wants to go there?
So now we can say that we saw Everton play and WIN! The next time we see them hopefully it will be in Liverpool!