Edmund is 2!

Edmund turned 2 on April 14! It has been an amazing adventure. Here are some of my favorite memories from the last two years.
This is Edmund Charles Hummer. Born April 14, 2006. He was 7 pounds and 20 inches long.

May. One month old.He is practicing lifting his head up!

June. This is my chubby two month old! He is so cute! I didn't realize how chubby he
had gotten until I looked back at his pictures.

July. Three months old.

August. Four months old.

September. Five months old.

Six months old. October was a busy month! We traveled to Oceanside, CA when my brother returned from Iraq. My sister and her family were able to come down from Wash. Edmund meets Uncle Kurtis and Edmund with his cousin Rylie!

November. Seven months old.

December. Eight months old. We moved from Glendale to Lakeside. Our friend Andrew took this pic of us for our Christmas card.

January. Nine months old. Edmund's 1st hair cut.

February. Ten months old.

March. Eleven months old.

April. One year old! He didn't really like the grass!

The second Year

Daddy graduates from College.

Auntie Teph and Uncle Poop's wedding!

Road trip to WA to see pregnant Autie Tiff, Uncle Craig and Rylie! We had a fun week.
The driving on the other hand-not so much fun!

Playing in a creek in the mountains!

My little lion.

Edmund being mischievous and playing with plant dirt!

Edmund's first snow cup!

This is what we like to call the cheesers!

Happy B-day silly boy! He is running all over the place. He talks non-stop. He knows about 175 words, and learns new ones everyday. He is such a sweet boy. I love being able to stay home with him. It is so much fun!