Edmund is officially a big boy now!

This all has to do with a papu (for those of you who don't know-this would be a pacifier.)

I'm not sure what the "signs" have been or why exactly we have decided to take the steps we have in dealing with the papu. I think both times have been because suddenly Edmund would get totally addicted to his papu and want it all day long and it drove us crazy! So, the first time was when we decided that he would only get his papu during nap time and night time and that happened sometime after he was a year old. Last night was the second. Edmund traded "special toys" for his papu. But, in order to get his special toys, he had to throw his papus into the trash can. Boy was that emotional. I think I almost cried! He did really well tho. Normally when he throws something away it's really quick and this time it was a much slower lowering of the papus into the trash can. He has asked for it a couple times today and I had to remind him that they were in the trash but I think he will be fine without it. It has taken him less than 30 min to fall asleep today! HOORAY for no more papu!


Doctor's Appointment

We finally went to the doctor's office on Friday. I have been avoiding going because I don't like Dr. Tindall's office at all and was trying to find somewhere else to go. But it seems I have no choice. And I wanted to see my baby! We had our ultrasound and it was a blast :) And no we didn't find out what the sex was! According to the measurements, the baby is around 2 pounds and about a week ahead of growing schedule. I didn't have any 3 or 4D ultrasound with Edmund and they did with this one so that was really cool. It is amazing that you can see the precious little face in there. I invited my mom to go since her lunch break was the same time as the appointment and I thought she would really like it and she did. She hasn't seen an ultrasound for a long time and they have made big improvements since then so she thought it was pretty cool. It was fun to have her there. Our printer isn't working very well right now so I can't scan the pics in yet. I will put them up as soon as I can!



My Aunt and Uncle came in from Rhode Island for a small vacation. We went over to my Grandma and Grandpa's house on Saturday and hung out with them. It was a lot of fun! We pretty much played Wii all day. That is such a great game for groups because it's funny to watch people play and it sort of focuses a time that everyone can just talk and hang out. I think it's great! :) We also played a round of Taboo and Imaginiff...

It was good to see family. We laughed a lot! Edmund stole the show...just like always...he is such a HAM!

Changes to our Apartment

Since we have lived here we have added a few fun things!
This is my new bed set! It matches my curtains!

We bought this futon to go in the office. It is way comfy!

Yesterday we changed around Edmund's room. It worked out that half of it is baby stuff and the other half is for Edmund. This room is huge! We hung a shelf up in the corner for books and it makes a fun little play area that I think Edmund will really enjoy :)


24 Weeks.

Here are some updated pics of my belly! Edmund is always asking to give hugs and kiss the baby so I thought it would be cute to show you. It is really funny when he looks at my belly seriously and says "baby come out of there!" He also knows that we won't get to see baby till Christmas -even though he has no clue what that means!

These are my silly boys! They make me happy!


Our friends came to visit!
This is John and Christy Spencer. They came up to escape the heat for a night and to hang out with us on Friday and Saturday. We LOVE you guys. Thank you for allowing us to share our home with you :)

We decided to take them to Woodland Lake. They have two little boys. They thought it was fun to throw as many rocks as possible into the water. That was until the littlest guy fell in!

We went to the little park area after that.

It was a quick trip but it was wonderful to see our friends!