Doctor's Appointment

We finally went to the doctor's office on Friday. I have been avoiding going because I don't like Dr. Tindall's office at all and was trying to find somewhere else to go. But it seems I have no choice. And I wanted to see my baby! We had our ultrasound and it was a blast :) And no we didn't find out what the sex was! According to the measurements, the baby is around 2 pounds and about a week ahead of growing schedule. I didn't have any 3 or 4D ultrasound with Edmund and they did with this one so that was really cool. It is amazing that you can see the precious little face in there. I invited my mom to go since her lunch break was the same time as the appointment and I thought she would really like it and she did. She hasn't seen an ultrasound for a long time and they have made big improvements since then so she thought it was pretty cool. It was fun to have her there. Our printer isn't working very well right now so I can't scan the pics in yet. I will put them up as soon as I can!

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