Edmund is officially a big boy now!

This all has to do with a papu (for those of you who don't know-this would be a pacifier.)

I'm not sure what the "signs" have been or why exactly we have decided to take the steps we have in dealing with the papu. I think both times have been because suddenly Edmund would get totally addicted to his papu and want it all day long and it drove us crazy! So, the first time was when we decided that he would only get his papu during nap time and night time and that happened sometime after he was a year old. Last night was the second. Edmund traded "special toys" for his papu. But, in order to get his special toys, he had to throw his papus into the trash can. Boy was that emotional. I think I almost cried! He did really well tho. Normally when he throws something away it's really quick and this time it was a much slower lowering of the papus into the trash can. He has asked for it a couple times today and I had to remind him that they were in the trash but I think he will be fine without it. It has taken him less than 30 min to fall asleep today! HOORAY for no more papu!

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