The New Plan

My house was beautiful on Friday (well...minus the office and play room). I can't even describe to you what it looks like today. By Saturday it was already becoming a disaster, but I had used up all my energy on Friday trying to get it all done. It's a miserable way to take care of a home. I think on Saturday I finally was at my wits end and gave in to the idea of using FLY Lady. I have a couple of friends who use this organization. So I did it. I signed up. And then I was looking around at the site and starting liking it. I'm really excited about the Control Journal. I'm type A when it comes to paperwork and organizing things in my brain. With the house work I just don't know how to do it and so it drives me crazy! So I decided that today would be my first day and it worked out perfectly that it is the first day of the month. Today also turned out to be a day that I wouldn't like to repeat.

This is what I got accomplished today. Somehow.
Got dressed. (almost impossible because I couldn't find my second tennis shoe. It ended up being where it was supposed to be hidden under a t-shirt that is not supposed to be there!)
Put my hair up in a pony.
Brushed my teeth.
Made my bed.
Put a load of laundry in the washer.
Did Kelly's Zone 1: Mission #1.
Spent a couple of minutes clearing off a hot spot.
Picked up some dirty children's clothes and put them in the basket.
Layed out some clothes for tomorrow.
Brushed my teeth.

For me and my usual habits, this isn't very much. But I wasn't home much today either. I was gone for 7 hours of the day.

So.....wish me luck and pray for dedication on this new journey. I truely desire to build and maintain a home that is pleasant to be in. And one that I don't despise.