Genevieve Rea

Genevieve is one week old! We are all loving every second of her :-) Today was her dedication and I got to play dress up!

A dedication is mostly for the parents but it is also for the church. It is a time for Robert and I to dedicate ourselves to raising Genevieve in a way that is pleasing to the Lord and based on the Bible. It is also a time to remind the church to pray for us and to hold us accountable to what we promised we would do.

I am so grateful to have a church family that will love and support us!


My baby sister and me!

He fell in love with her before he knew her! It is so much fun to watch Edmund love on his sister.

Genevieve's Dedication...

...is going to be on Sunday at church at the 10:45 service.


Genevieve Rea Hummer

Our precious baby girl has arrived!

Genevieve means: Fair and inner beauty
Rea means: Poppy flower and firmly grounded

My prayer for her is that she will be firmly grounded in the truth of Christ and that she will reflect his beauty.

She was born on Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 7:52 a.m. Her labor was quite short. I woke up at 3:30 trying to figure out if I was having contractions. Once we decided that I was in fact having contractions we called those who needed
calling and finished getting ready. We arrived at the hospital around 5. I was at 7 cm. We walked around until Dr. Tindall arrived. I was at 8 cm when he got there. He decided to break my water which was 7:20 and less than 10 min later I was at 9 cm! The contractions started getting stronger and I was having some back ache and asked if I could lean on my hands and knees to relieve the pressure and they said it was ok and Dr. Tindall went into a story about how the only baby he delivered that way was a horse! I was laughing until my next contraction came and it was a booger. It finished me off and Dr Tindall checked me and told me that we needed to get me turned over because we were going to have a baby! He also guessed that the baby would have blonde hair because of the way it felt when he checked me! So pushing started and he found that her arm was up so he had to turn her a bit to get her shoulder out. About 10 minutes later she was born :-) She looked like the color of eggplant. She had the cord around her neck but he said it wasn't too tight and it came off easily. They got her cleaned up and gave her some oxygen and she was ready to eat by 8:20!

She was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long.


Still Pregnant!

No contractions....lots of snow. Robert got another snow day today...although...it mostly rained.

Happy Tuesday to you!

7 days and counting. Well, actually prob 6...that is when my next appointment is.

We shall see.



I am not technically 39 weeks till tomorrow, but I went to the doctor's office today and wanted to share the news!

I am 4 full cm. I am not having contractions yet, but he stripped my membranes for those of you who would like to know. SO...if it works I could go into full labor today or not. Who knows????

I just want to see my baby and enjoy what our new family will be.

It's been snowing all day long. It's gorgeous and freezing. I think I will have Robert take me to Wal-Mart and walk me around! Hope you are all doing well.


38 Week Update and News!

I am 38 weeks this week! WOOHOO :-) I so want to see this kid!

I went to the doctor yesterday and I have news to report!
I am dilated to 3cm now! Although that doesn't mean anything when I'm not having contractions! It's just fun that my body is progressing toward labor! I know that sounds crazy but I'm actually looking forward to it. We had such a great experience with Edmund and with how excited I am to see the baby, I will almost be comforted once it finally starts for real :-)

Snow fun!

Robert had his first snow day of the year on Tuesday! It was fun to watch Edmund play in it :-)

Helping Daddy wipe off the cars!

This is just a fun pic of Edmund! He loves to sing and play drums :-)


What would the world do without little boys?

Last night I was getting Edmund out of the shower and he totally made my week! I was dressed in my pj's and had my hair in a towel and he looked at me and said "mommy you are so beautiful!"

I love my baby :-)


37 Week Update

3 weeks left!!! I can't believe it :-)

At this point we are prepared for baby to come! We have all the furniture ready. I have all the clothes unpacked and put away. The diapers are ready. We just have to wait!

There is nothing to report from the doctor. He said everything is the same. He is going out of town again and said that I can't have the baby till Sunday! HAHA....I don't really care if he is there now, because the new rooms should be open and that is all I was waiting for! I didn't have my doctor when Edmund was born so I don't have any worries about that with this one!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am turning into a plump sausage....curse you water retention :-)


On Friday night we had a Christmas decorating party! It was fun. I made hot chocolate and we listened to Christmas music. Edmund was funny with the ornaments. At one point he had 8 on one little limb!

This is what we did:

Our little village!