When a boy works too hard!

This is a post I wanted to post a long time ago but couldn't get my pics to work!

Edmund woke up with the sun this morning....which wasn't horrible because we were getting up early to work on the garden. So this afternoon when I was watering my seedlings, he was playing in his sand box and this is how I found him:

The Lord gives the increase!!!

We built a garden this year. It was a bit stressful at the beginning because we had to have some very large stumps removed from the area where we wanted the garden and the tractor was held up. But the tractor did come and Edmund got to go for a two hour tractor ride and loved every minute!

This is the raw ripped up by the tractor land.
My wonderful husband killed himself trying to get this wall done. He did a fantastic job! The reason for the wall is because our property has a stight slope and I wanted to plant my rows East to West so I needed level ground and the wall allowed for that to happen. Thanks also to my mommy who bought the bricks for us :-)
This is what it looked like when I planted everything. We used soaker hoses for watering which turned out to work amazingly!
Grandpa Hummer taught me all his secrets about growing tomatos! He gave me an awesome small tiller which I have used for everything and love. It is one of my favorite tools! Thank you Grandpa Hummer!!
I tilled the ground, planted the seed, watered and weeded but only God can give an increase like this!!!

Now all I need are the tools for canning all of this deliciousness!!