3 Months Old! & 35 Months Old!

Genevieve turned three months old! It has been a blast.

She is smiling, cooing, and laughing. She can stand on her legs. She can sit with support. Her sad face can bring tears to the best of us! She has been sleeping through the night for a while now (which keeps me sane!) And she has started staying up longer in between naps.

Edmund will be turning 3 next month!

They adore each other...it is so much fun to watch them interact together :-)



Here is my cutie! He does pretty well with keeping the glasses on. We had to get the nose pieces adjusted once and that helped a lot. But.....I don't know that they are doing all they are supposed to. Meaning this: his eye still goes in toward his nose sometimes with his glasses on and it does it even worse when he takes them off. We have a doctors appointment on March 30 to see what they have done and if they are working. If they haven't helped then he might have to have surgery on his eye muscle.

So-pray that the glasses are doing some good. I am so nervous about the idea of my baby having surgery. So my prayer request would be for peace about it all!