Why I'm not going to use SALT much anymore!

In junior high it was popular to wear JNCO jeans and Nike shoes...specifically ones that were not made in China. And since I wanted to avoid being made fun any more than I already was and my mom loved me she bought me JNCO jeans and Nike shoes. It didn't really change the fact that I was made fun of but at least I had something right....at least according to THEM!

So here I am, 24 years old, a wife, a mommy to 2 babies, managing my own home and it has happened again. I love to cook and I can do it very well. My mommy taught me how to follow recipes! Sometimes I get creative and add my own ingredients. It doesn't matter. The point here is that I don't use a whole lot of salt to cook with. I find it unnecessary and I can use other herbs and spices to make my food extra yummy. And salt makes me balloon up! I seriously swell up if I have too much salt over a period of time. So...I have some people in my life that make fun of me for not using salt. Really it doesn't sound like it's such a big deal but over time and with my past experience's of being made fun of I start to care what they think and in my brain if I start using salt in my food maybe I won't be made fun of anymore. So I start adding salt when I cook. Not a big deal I decide...until now. I feel like crap and my whole body feels like a balloon! I knew it. I know how I react to salt and I feel like an iddiot for caring what other people think. So, I will go back to my own way of cooking and illiminating salt from my food!


Edmund's B-day Invite

Family and Friends,

Edmund will be turning 4 on April 14!!!!!

His birthday party will be at our house on:

@ 11:00 am
Hotdogs and cake
Hopefully warm weather :-)

Hope to see you there!

P.S. If you are or were planning on bringing a gift......Edmund would like story books instead of toys :-)