Pay it Forward!

Here's the idea. Be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on my blog and you will be the lucky recipient of a hand made gift from me some time this year. Now here is the catch, you have to post the same thing on your blog and do the same for 3 lucky people. This is going to be fun!


Christian Shirts

We have designed and are selling shirts to raise money for a missionary couple from our church.

We are having a special shirt sell right now.

Check it out



New Blog

I have started another blog. I am going to get my doula certification and I will post all about that at: http://mydoulaadventure.blogspot.com


Edmund needs glasses!

Edmund had to go the the eye doctor today. He has been having some problems with his left eye for about a month. It is turning in toward his nose. As we guessed, he is farsighted. He will be getting glasses on Friday. (Pictures to come of course!) We are praying that the glasses will correct his vision because if in four weeks we don't notice a difference then he will have to have surgery. He did such a great job at the office. The doctor said he was probably the most cooperative 2 year old he has ever had! :-) I am so thankful!

So, my biggest question is how in the world do you keep glasses on a two year old???? My first guess is duct tape! The doctor said...I don't know....bribs, pleading!!! So...hopefully we can help him get excited about them and hopefully they make a difference in his vision so that he will want to wear them because he will be wearing them all the time minus bathing and sleeping!


2 Month Update

Genevieve Rea is two months old :-) She had her check up and shots on Thursday.

She weighed in at 11 lbs. 5 oz.

She is 23 inches long.

She is sleeping about 8 hours at night.

She is smiling and cooing and trying to laugh.

She had a very definite poo face...

She is super cuddly!

She adores her daddy :-)

Feel free to come visit us............


My Valentine :-)

Robert and Edmund painted me a wooden jewelry box for Valentine's Day. Edmund also thought it would be fun to paint his face! Good thing it's water based :-)

Edmund and Genevieve

Can you believe she is two months old already??? So much fun :-)

Talking to Daddy

When Edmund gets hold of the camera!

Yes....he knows how to turn it on and take a picture!


Cloth Diapers

Most of you think I'm crazy for using cloth diapers...I know...but for the couple of you who have asked me about them I am going to post prices and the final tally for what you would need to have a complete set of diapers.

Pre-fold cloth diapers

Infant size: 3 dozen $18.90/doz= $56.70
Regular size: 3 dozen $22.50/doz= $67.50

Diaper Covers $8.25 each (because of buying more than 24 at once)

Infant size w/umbilical cut out 5-9lbs: 3
Newborn 6-11lbs: 5
Small 11-16lbs: 5
Medium 16-21 lbs: 5
Large 21-27lbs: 5
XLarge 27-34lbs: 5

28 covers= $231.00

The grand total is $355.20

Now....after Edmund started eating solid food I started using liners that you can flush in the toilet and those are $6.25 for a pack of 100 or you can buy them in bulk and pay less per pack. Totally recommend these!

You would also need a pail and we would use gallon size ziplocks for the diaper bag but there are places that sell washable bags that are way cute and we just got one as a gift when Genevieve was born.

The website that I buy from is http://www.babysorganicnursery.com

I have enjoyed them and what I enjoy most is not having to go the store and buy those ridiculously expensive disposables! :-)