Cloth Diapers

Most of you think I'm crazy for using cloth diapers...I know...but for the couple of you who have asked me about them I am going to post prices and the final tally for what you would need to have a complete set of diapers.

Pre-fold cloth diapers

Infant size: 3 dozen $18.90/doz= $56.70
Regular size: 3 dozen $22.50/doz= $67.50

Diaper Covers $8.25 each (because of buying more than 24 at once)

Infant size w/umbilical cut out 5-9lbs: 3
Newborn 6-11lbs: 5
Small 11-16lbs: 5
Medium 16-21 lbs: 5
Large 21-27lbs: 5
XLarge 27-34lbs: 5

28 covers= $231.00

The grand total is $355.20

Now....after Edmund started eating solid food I started using liners that you can flush in the toilet and those are $6.25 for a pack of 100 or you can buy them in bulk and pay less per pack. Totally recommend these!

You would also need a pail and we would use gallon size ziplocks for the diaper bag but there are places that sell washable bags that are way cute and we just got one as a gift when Genevieve was born.

The website that I buy from is http://www.babysorganicnursery.com

I have enjoyed them and what I enjoy most is not having to go the store and buy those ridiculously expensive disposables! :-)

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