6 weeks already???

Genevieve is 6 weeks old today! :-) Up until this week she has been fabulous. She has had some nasal congestion and hasn't been able to sleep as well as she would like to. I have had to suck junk out of her nose every couple of hours so she can breath! But I have found some awesome stuff to give her and she is on her way to getting better!

So...this is what she is doing at 6 weeks old. She is sleeping (most often) 5-7 hours at night. She is smiling at us with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen! She has also started to try and talk to us. Goo! She loves to look at her daddy. Yesterday my mom was holding her and I started to talk to her and she turned to look at me. It was so cute. I let Edmund annoy her. That is really the only way I know how to put it. But my reasoning is that if I let him kiss her and hug her now then she won't be as annoyed by him later? I don't know if it will work...I guess we shall see :-)

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Christina said...

That blond hair is ridiculous!! Your family is so beautiful and I'm so incredibly happy for you guys. It feels like you just got married yesterday...