One major theme that I have noticed the last couple of years is despair. Girls that cut themselves to escape the pain of whatever they are going through. Suicide so prevalent that it isn't even mentioned in the local news. There is so much pain and hurting is so many people around me. What does it look like to love them? How do I even begin to understand the depth of their hurting? How is our small town so full of hopelessness? And so empty of Jesus? I don't know the answer to any of these questions. I do know that because the Holy Spirit has awakened me to this pain that I must do something. And the only way I know to start is by asking Him.

I'm going to embed a new song by JJ Heller. It's about letting go of our control and trusting God. It was written for her friend who struggled with self hurting but we can all use a reminder to let go of our control and let God control our lives. He has the best plan.