6 weeks already???

Genevieve is 6 weeks old today! :-) Up until this week she has been fabulous. She has had some nasal congestion and hasn't been able to sleep as well as she would like to. I have had to suck junk out of her nose every couple of hours so she can breath! But I have found some awesome stuff to give her and she is on her way to getting better!

So...this is what she is doing at 6 weeks old. She is sleeping (most often) 5-7 hours at night. She is smiling at us with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen! She has also started to try and talk to us. Goo! She loves to look at her daddy. Yesterday my mom was holding her and I started to talk to her and she turned to look at me. It was so cute. I let Edmund annoy her. That is really the only way I know how to put it. But my reasoning is that if I let him kiss her and hug her now then she won't be as annoyed by him later? I don't know if it will work...I guess we shall see :-)


My babies and the zoo!

This last weekend we took a mini winter vacation. Actually for us it was a big vacation because we were gone for 3 nights! Anyway, we went to Phoenix. We left Friday afternoon and went to Robert's grandparents house in Scottsdale and spent the evening visiting with them. It was the first time for them to see Genevieve and Edmund is always a ham so it was fun. Robert went to the Rage fest all day Saturday and saw some of his favorite Christian rock bands perform. I hung out with some great friends, Amanda and Ian and Ronda. Then Edmund, Genevieve and I went to dinner with Robert's sister Stephanie and her husband Chip-which is who we were staying with all weekend. Sunday we had the opportunity to see another great friend of ours, Brad, who was our college pastor when we lived in Glendale. He happened to be in town from Germany the same weekend as us! We were so excited to see him and some other friends that we hadn't seen in a long time :-) Another crazy and great thing that happened on Sunday was of course watching the Cardinals make their way to the Super Bowl! Is it real??? And then on Monday we purchased a wii for our family in anticipation of our tax return! WOOHOO! SO MUCH FUN :-) And we went to the zoo. Edmund was so cute looking at the animals. We have been wanting to take him for a while and he was so excited to go! Boy, in writing it seems like we never stopped! But it was a great weekend, and much needed for me. I hadn't left the mountain since September!

Great Grandpa Hummer

Great Grandma Hummer

At the Phoenix Zoo.

A 9100 pound elephant!

At the Zoo.

Chonie head-This is Edmund being Edmund. This is the name he gave himself!


Baking with Edmund :-)

This is what it looks like in our house when we bake together! It's a blast :-)

Yummy batter. Huge mess. Chocolate everywhere. Cupcakes.

Genevieve is 3 weeks old!


Something Funny

When I ask Edmund to do something that he doesn't want to do he says, "I can't, I have a bad fin!"

Genevieve's Two Week Update

She will actually be three weeks on Friday! But we went to the doctor yesterday for her two week check-up. She is now 9 pounds 4 ounces! She is fabulous :-) We adore her. Edmund loves her. He is so sweet to her. We are still in the process of getting into a routine. And since everything is crazy now anyway, we have decided to stop giving Edmund a nap. It has been a fight for a while and now it is a fight at night time and he is waking up during the night and coming into our bedroom, so we decided that it was time :-) Yesterday he actually went to sleep and slept all night! So I think it will work. We will just incorporate a down time in the middle of the day which will prob include a movie or a show of some sort so I have time to do my thing!