Baking with Edmund :-)

This is what it looks like in our house when we bake together! It's a blast :-)

Yummy batter. Huge mess. Chocolate everywhere. Cupcakes.


Staci Lee said...

Every baby is different. I think the left side just wasn't producing enough for him and he was getting frustrated with how hard it was. Now he's happy and eats really well. I've noticed I dont have a fast flow, so I think it takes him longer than normal. The Lactation Lady from WIC says it's perfectly fine to feed on one side.
I figure as long as im giving him something, it's better than nothing. Jarrod was the same way. He grew long rather than wide, then he eventually caught up. Ethan has been gaining normally, except for those 2 weeks when I wasn't eating.

John Spencer said...

Way fun! I love cooking with my boys.