Today, our friends buried their baby girl...

....she suddenly got sick. And 4 days later she died. She was just over a year old. And my heart has been broken in so many ways. A mommy and daddy had to say goodbye to someone they gave everything for. They can't hold her anymore. They can't teach her anymore. They can't kiss her anymore. They can't rock her to sleep. She is gone.

My week has looked a little differently. I have looked at my babies a little differently. I love my babies. I try to be the best mommy I can for them. But I have been tired and a little distant for the last few months. This week that all changed because they could be gone tomorrow and I don't want to miss out on today and what could have been. I have enjoyed combing my fingers through Genevieve's hair as I dry it every night. I have listened more closely to all of Edmund's imaginings. I have stopped and cuddled them when they have needed it. And I have sat with them to eat. Because just being with them and present for them is a blessing and something that shouldn't be overlooked. We spend quite a bit of time at night getting ready for bed. We bathe them, brush their teeth, dry their hair, read stories, sing songs, and pray.Robert stays with Edmund and I take Genevieve and we sit in the rocking chair with a blanket and I just enjoy her and pray for her and sometimes she falls asleep but more often, she asks for her bed. I wouldn't trade these times for anything. It's a precious time that we all get to enjoy each other and slow down and love in a peaceful kind of way.

I'm sad. All I can think is that while I get to hold my baby close, my friend has empty arms, and it hurts me. I know that the Lord must have something amazing planned for them. I pray that their marriage is strengthened and that their hearts can be healed and filled with peace. Because HE can do it.