Edmund needs glasses!

Edmund had to go the the eye doctor today. He has been having some problems with his left eye for about a month. It is turning in toward his nose. As we guessed, he is farsighted. He will be getting glasses on Friday. (Pictures to come of course!) We are praying that the glasses will correct his vision because if in four weeks we don't notice a difference then he will have to have surgery. He did such a great job at the office. The doctor said he was probably the most cooperative 2 year old he has ever had! :-) I am so thankful!

So, my biggest question is how in the world do you keep glasses on a two year old???? My first guess is duct tape! The doctor said...I don't know....bribs, pleading!!! So...hopefully we can help him get excited about them and hopefully they make a difference in his vision so that he will want to wear them because he will be wearing them all the time minus bathing and sleeping!

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