The best kind of love

The BEST FRIEND kind of love. My husband. He is the best. And he is my best friend in the world. We talk about....literally....everything. We have no secrets. Except with each other. And today....love day....he came home with the best present. Fried green beans and a mediterranean salad.
Now, I know you are probably thinking, what in the world?? Why would he bring that to you on Valentines day? Doesn't he know about chocolate and flowers? First of all, if you haven't tried fried green beans, you have to head up to Tall Pine Grill up by the theater in Lakeside and get some. I promise you won't be disappointed! And both have to do with 1-I'm pregnant and when I'm pregnant and certain things taste good...my husband pays attention...and tries to think of how he can get me said thing. And 2-Because I'm pregnant and have the curse of a pregnancy related never ending yeast infection, I'm not eating any sugar. Sugar makes it 100 times worse. And my husband knows this, and is thoughtful, and didn't want to buy me sugar. As far as flowers go, he buys me those throughout the year so it isn't something that I have to have on love day beacause it is even more special when he gets me them on ordinary days :-) So, this is my husband, loving, thoughtful, kind, caring, wonderful! I love you baby! Thank you for loving me so well! :-)

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