Trust Me

We can't get pregnant again until......conditions are perfect.

The thought that was going through our head after Genevieve was born. We can't fit 3 car seats in our 20 year old car. So we can't have another baby till we have a newer car that can hold 3 car seats.

Then the Holy Spirit started to stir. Why aren't you having another baby? Because we just don't have the room! Are you going to trust me to provide a vehicle for you?...............Yes Lord, we will trust you.

And so we had my iud taken out and were birth control free (which was actually more freedom than just being able to get pregnant; I had been stressing out about it for over a year). I wanted to have a few months at least to lose some weight, but less than 2 months later, we were pregnant.

The only semi-issue we had was that I didn't have any insurance. I wasn't in any hurry to apply and go through all the hoops that are required of state insurance and I don't like my former doctor's office and I was dreading the idea of going there again. Plus, I didn't want Edmund's to change before his second eye surgery was over. So I waited. And then I applied. And then I was denied.

Robert makes too much money for me to be on state insurance. We pay a small fee for Edmund's and Genevieve qualifies for that same one but there isn't any funding for the program to accept new children and she has been on a waiting list since she turned one.

I was so sure that I would be accepted that not being accepted didn't cross my mind. I was shocked! Lord, what are we going to do now? Just trust me. Please. I have the best plan. Trust me and you will know that I will take care of you. I'm just asking you to trust me, just like you did in the beginning. Will you trust me to follow through?? Yes, Lord, we will continue to trust you.

And peace has been our banner.

And our car is falling to pieces.

And I'm halfway through this pregnancy.

And this precious baby has started to stir in my belly.

And I know that He is faithful.

So I will trust.

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WalkerClan2010 said...

Congrats on your new baby to come Krystal!!! I am so thankful to read this blog right now, my husband and I have been going through so many ups and downs with our health and all sorts of other stuff so reading this was a huge blessing. Thanks again! We'll be praying!