Here is our news for those of you who don't know already.

We took over the youth group 4 weeks ago!

It has been such an amazing experience!

Here is the story....

In the first week in January the youth pastor announced that he and his family were moving to Texas. And 3 weeks later they were gone. Robert and I had been involved in the youth group before and we were a little worried about what was going to happen. So we were praying and Robert started poking around for information and everyone he talked to had no idea about what was going to happen. So we kept praying and he finally called up one of our elders and was talking with him about it. And the ball started rolling from there. We both felt like the kids needed to have stability during transition. They needed to have familiar faces, not different ones every week. And the Lord started to give us a vision of what that would look like. We both felt like we needed to be involved on a consistent basis. So Robert talked with Pastor. Pastor talked with the elders. And February rolled around and now we are leading the youth group! It's sorta crazy because neither of us see ourselves as leaders. But Robert is a teacher so he has training in leading a group of kids. It's even crazier because the vision that God gave us has come together like bread and butter in just a short few weeks. We changed the whole system and some of the students are a little hesitant still but others are seeing the benefits. We added in small group time after the teaching and that has been positive for all of the leaders, it will just take time for everyone to get to know each other and feel comfortable talking in front of the other students. We also made the band take some time off. We were going to cancel it because they didn't do any performing on a regular basis. And the next week God provided a leader who is talented in leading a band. So he will be starting that up in the next couple of weeks. They will be playing every week at youth! We are excited! Also, leaders are popping up out of the woodworks! We have about 10 who are involved right now. We usually have at least 6 each week! It is so cool to see how the Lord has worked out all of the details! It's going to be a fun journey to see what else the Lord has in store! We have already planned our first event and even if the students are showing excitement we really feel like this first event will really pull everyone together through fun fellowship and lots of hours together :-)


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