The cold kicked us out last night

Around 6:30 pm the lights flickered off and on and then kept flickering. I thought I was at a club somewhere :-) Then the lights dimmed down to being barely on. Then the stove stopped blowing the fabulous hot air that warms our house. And I started to panic and texted my husband who had been gone all afternoon at junior high basketball games. Thankfully, he was just around the corner. I tried calling our neighbor but no one answered. So I called APS. They told me that they had a crew on it and they were having some trouble with a few transformers and that they usually have it fixed within 4-5 hours. By then we all would have frozen in our sleep with how cold it has been so we packed our bags. We bundled up the babies and put them in our freezing car that has no heater and headed to Concho. On the way down the road the snow was blowing off of the hood of the car and somehow hitting me in the face! We really need a miracle car. I'm thankful my parents live close and that we had a warm place to stay. But I don't do well with the stress of instant packing and driving in the cold. I'm also thankful for an amazing husband who came over before work and filled up and started the pellet stove so that when we all were ready we could come home to a cozy home. Thanks baby!

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