32 Weeks!

Ok. I know I haven't updated much about the pregnancy...and that is because I haven't had any batteries for my camera! I also don't go to the doctor that often....I don't like his office! Well, I still don't have batteries which means I don't have any updated pictures. But because I am at 32 weeks and I only have 8 weeks to go, I thought I would give a quick update.

I have definitely popped out! I have gained about 20 lbs up to this point. The baby pushes into my lungs and ribs and sometimes it feels like I can't breath very well! It moves like crazy when it decides to move. (Especially at night when I am trying to sleep!) It has this crazy poking thing it does and it moves really quickly. I don't remember Edmund ever doing that. He was crazy but he mostly just rolled in balls, not the crazy poking thing! If I sit in a chair for very long my legs fall asleep! Thank goodness for my exercise ball because I can sit on it forever and they are fine! I know I still have 8 weeks left and I know that the baby will get even bigger but man....I feel like I am stretched out enough!This child is all out in front. With Edmund I was more round...but I also gained more weight with him.

Oh....we took Edmund to a Super Sibling class last night! It was so cute. He was so excited to go to his special class. I'm not sure about how much he understood, but he got to look at pictures of babies and the teacher talked about holding the baby and how the baby will eat and she gave an example how they can't feed the baby what they are eating. It was cute. They also watched this video with a crazy guy on it....but it had babies and older siblings. Then we walked around the hospital a bit and they showed the kids where the rooms were and where the nursery was. They also took us up to the new floor!!!! :) Please oh Please be open! The nurses are saying that they are moving up there in the end of November and it should be open and they are shooting for December 2! Oh man.....it's way nice. We didn't get to see the actual rooms cause they are still working on them but it looks so nice.

Ok....so I think that is all I have to say. I go to the doctor's office next week. Poo.... If there is anything to update then I will but it should just be a normal boring appt!


She-She said...

Yay for new posts! Maybe this baby will totally be a girl with how different its being on your body.
Ethan kicks me in the ribs all the time! It hurts soo bad! Those and the jabs to the bladder... he doesn't roll around much... he just likes to poke, so I totally understand what you're going thru! But I don't think it started until closer to 35 weeks... so I feel for you!

Christina said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Robert, my mom gives me updates on you all the time and talks about what a handsome and responsible man you've turned into. I think it makes her day to see you! :) I'm glad you're due soon - I can't wait to see new baby pictures posted!

Trevor & Taytum said...

So who is your doctor? My mom told me she saw you. She just said she really liked you and your husband and that she thought you guys were so dang nice.