Fly Lady Update

Ok so it's been over a month and this is hard work!!!! I mean, the system isn't really hard in theory.....but getting a daily routine down is hard work. I know that sounds ridiculous but it's true. I have definitly made progress though. I think my hardest obsticle has been waking up at the same time every day. I know that isn't really mentioned but it's important to me and the way my brain functions.

Ok...here is what I have so far for my daily routines (which I am not totally great at yet....but improving)

1. Wake Up
2. Get dressed to lace up shoes
3. Swish and Swipe
4. Quiet time; read Bible and pray
5. Change laundry
6. Start dish water
7. Make Bed
8. Make breakfast
Never done in any particular order....just done!

Night Routine
1. Lay out clothes for tomorrow
2. Change laundry
3. Brush Teeth

I can say that I have noticed a huge change in my thinking and attitude having these things done everyday. I actually have time to work on my problem clutter areas and I wouldn't be ashamed to show you my house if you stopped by (I might skip the office!) I just LOVE having structure and have longed for it for a while, I just didn't know how to get there :-)


Gina said...

YAY!!!! That is SO COOL!!!
Daily habits are INCREDIBLY hard!!!
I don't know why, you wouldn't think so...but it is!
I was wondering about your fly lady and how that was going! So excited to hear your update!

Krystle Hummer said...

How is everything going for you?

Gina said...

I am trying to take some of her principles and put them into practice...like habitually getting up and dressed to shoes in the morning, and other things like that, dishes done once a day, laundry done once a day....things like that! It has gotten better-much better! :) I still have a bit to go!!! But her site was overwhelming me...I need BABY BABY steps!!! lol