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The struggle: public school vs. home school

The background: My husband is a public school teacher of junior high social studies. We were both raised in public school. We both have our reservations about public school. We both had our reservations about home schooling. We are SURROUNDED by tons of people who home school.

The investigation and observation: I like to ask questions. I have been trying to seek out this whole home schooling thing but it has seemed almost like a club and I don't feel like I'm part of it. Anyway....I still asked a few questions and the answers I got were mostly about curriculum. Which I wasn't excited about. I don't see much of an excitment to learn or about learning. I mostly hear about all the homework everyone has and a general dislike of school-now I don't know if that is everyone, that is just what I have seen. So I was wondering if, in home schooling the object is to get my kids to pass the test and answer the question correctly, shouldn't I just send them to public school where they teach the same thing?

The unexpected encouragment: I went to California with my family for a weekend. I went to a conference called the Mom Heart Conference. I was just looking for refreshment. I was looking for insight. I was looking for meat. And the big thing that the Lord taught me that weekend was about sabboth rest and actually resting. My body and my brain...which was a foreign idea to me. How do I rest my brain? The idea was that we need a day to rest our brain and give that day to Him by not worrying or thinking about what needs to be done. I still haven't acheived that but anyway, back to the story. I came home with some amazing books. I love to read (thanks to Robert), and I love to learn about things that I'm passionate about. Especially my family. So I got a book called Educating the Whole Hearted Child. When I looked through the table of contents before I bought it I knew that it was going to be perfect! The Lord had already been instilling these ideas in my head for a while and I was excited to see what someone had to say on it!

So Robert and I have decided that we are going to home educate our family. Because it is right. Because the Lord has given us the job of teaching our family about Him. Because He instituted the family, not the public school.

This book has been so much fun to read. It has an amazing chapter on discipling your children and ways to do that. It has a model for fully educating your children using real books to inspire them. It's just so rich with information. I'm so glad that there is a way to do this without only using curriculm as a guide. If you are burned out on using only curriculum...I would highly recommend this book for ideas! It's wonderful and encouraging. I feel like I can actually do this. Like this is the job that the Lord has given me and he has equipped me to do it.

So I am thankful for CA and for the affirmation it gave to both Robert and I in this process to decide! The Lord truly worked everything out!


the chic rogers family said...

okay fabulous people.... I agree with everything u said about what you read and how you feel. I think you should keep in mind all the lost children in the public school and how if there werent children in the public school distric that were christians, where would those children see GOD? Diego knows right from wrong when it comes to GOD, yet there are no other christian kids that hang out with him and his friends, you are leaving all the "christian kids to be the mormon kids in the school? Not too sure that other kids can see GOD threw them, in the everyday life. You are both raising 2 beautifully crated children on GODs image, where are they going to show GOD threw them to others? at church, at the christian home schooling? those places are filled with people that show GODs mercy and grace. We need more people that show GOD threw them in the world today, remember Jesus hung out with loosers!!!!! okay sorry i went all preacher on you guys, i love you and miss you lots! hope i didnt step on toes. I just think we need more christians in the public school, where they can make the most difference with there attitudes and choices. Not secluded in there homes.

Gina said...

So exciting Krystle!
While I am not new to homeschooling, I am new to homeschooling my own kids. Maybe we could get together and chat sometime. What little I have done, I really enjoy!
You are exactly right! I believe it is a calling, it is our responisibility to raise our children. Not the public educational system. Not only am I very concerned about the lack of morality in the schools (public and Christian) I am also very concerned about the lack of education that the kids are getting in the public school. Honestly I am not at all impressed with most of the "honor" students coming out of the public school. Not that I am all that intelligent, but I least I have a basic grasp of spelling rules.
(And I have to say too, that I am impressed by all the stuff Robert teaches in his class just from what I have seen. He actually cares about the kids learning, but I don't think that is always the case.)
I think my biggest reason for homeschooling is that no one else is going to care about my child's education, well-being, spiritual state, or emotional state the way Chase and I do. It isn't anyone else's job to make sure they are growing in their relationship with God and have a good education. That is my job as the parent. :)

I have heard of that book but haven't read it yet. Could I borrow it? :)

Gina said...

As for Lacey's comment. (And I SO miss you, Lacey!!!!) It is true that our kids need to show God to to others. It is also true that many homeschooled kids only really have contact with the kids at church and in the homeschool group.
But I am not comfortable leaving my kids to the world for 7+ hours a day and hoping their faith and morality survive. There is definitely a place for my kids to serve others and to witness to others. But that really doesn't happen much in the public school, no matter who you are. I want to find other ways for my kids to witness to others. I think sports, ballet lessons etc. are good opportunities for them to meet friends and be able to spend time with them. Also, I want my kids to get involved at a nursing home and help others in need: take food to others and get involved in EE at church that witnesses to others. I definitely want my kids to get their hands dirty helping and witnessing. Otherwise, what is the point??? Right?
I may raise my children to know doctrine and apologetics and be able to defend their faith like nobody's business, but if they don't have an actual working relationship with God where they can't help but to love everyone around them and have God's heart for those that are hurting and without Him than I have failed. I want both. ;)

It is really hard for anyone to witness to their peers. Whether it is kids at school or their parents at work.

The public schools do need more Christians-absolutely! But I see that as more Robert's job than my kids. ;) Unless my kids grew up and wanted to teach in the public school and be an outreach that way-that would be fantastic! But until my kids are much older and have a foundation of a relationship with God, I don't believe the public school is where they belong.

Now not all kids can be homeschooled. Parents work or just want their kids to go to public school. I do see those kids as a personal responsibility of mine to encourage them, to pray for them, to talk to them about what is going on at school and to get involved. Hopefully my kids will have good friends that are in the public school and they can help each other reach out to others they might not come in contact with.
I want my kids to be educated at home about God, reading, writing, and math, history, how the home works, what God's roles for man and woman are etc....but I don't want to keep my kids secluded. There is a fine line there that is hard...we need a lot of prayer! :)
But bottom line, I want my kids to know God and His plan for the world. Not the world's plan. I don't want their agenda shoved down their throats. Chase has been saying "if you throw enough mud at a wall, some of it is going to stick." ;)

Sorry, I rambled on for a bit! And hopefully I didn't step on toes. That is just how I see it. :)

I really wish Diego had better friends. Growing up my publics school friends really struggled with that. I can't imagine how hard that would be. I will keep praying for him. And let him know that Chase would love to help however he can! :)
We miss him at youth. He should come by! We have more kids from SLHS. Maybe he could meet some more kids! ;)

Krystle Hummer said...

I agree that people need to be salt and light in the public school system. I believe that should be the job of teachers and administrators and parents who volunteer their time who can love on and give grace to those who stuggle. 1 Cor 15:33 says "Do not be misled:'Bad company corrupts good character.'" It is my job to train my children's character to reflect that of Jesus. I have to disciple my children until they can defend themselves and until they have the spiritual strength to rely on the Lord. Also....Jesus didn't hang out with prostitutes and tax collectors and the sick and lame until he was well into adulthood.

Scott Backes said...

Good for you guys!