36 Week Update

I went to the doctor's office this morning for my appointment. It turned out well. I guess that little red sticker they put on my chart after being super annoyed two days in a row turned out to be a good thing! Or they just had time today. I don't know... but I was scheduled to see the nurse lady because the doctor was full but I needed to be seen before the doctor left for holiday. So I was waiting and only after about 5 or 10 minutes they called me back and said I would see the doctor because the nurse had 3 people waiting in front of me! I was excited :-)

So to the news....there isn't any new news. But that is ok. I'm the same as I was last week. Baby is just hanging out in there :-) He told me that I have to wait till 36 weeks and 5 days and I asked why and he said it's because that is when he comes back! I thought it was funny!

I asked him if the baby would have any problems if it was born this early and he said that it's impossible to tell. He said that girls usually come out a little spunkier than boys do. So, we are trying to hold on. I'm not really doing anything differently than before. I have been pretty relaxed this whole pregnancy...minus the volleyball and youth activities! But those two things are pretty much finished for me. I could try to play volleyball next week but I haven't decided yet! :-) Anyway....back on track.....I'm fine, baby is fine, we are just hoping to wait till at least Monday-preferably Tuesday-because that is when the new wing is supposed to be open! Or Christmas break so that Robert won't have to use his sick days!

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