Our new home

We have moved again! Here are some pics of our new apartment. It's a three bedroom, two bath. We have extra storage outside on our patio and a garage down below.

Kitchen: It's smaller than our last one but I can fit almost everything in it. So far I like it a lot.

Pantry/Laundry Room: More shelves to come!

Edmund's Room: Big enough to fit his and the baby's bed in! (Sorry it's dark)

Office/Spare Room: I LOVE this room. The closet is big enough to hold all of my craft stuff in. It will be a lot of fun! :) (Again, sorry it's dark-but I'm kinda glad because it was a little cluttered.)

Dining/Living Room: About the same size as our last one, but way more functional. I LOVE it!

My Room: Wonderful!

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