I'm half way through!

I have made it into my 20th week!

I guess an update is in order for the first part of this pregnancy. It's almost like it hasn't been very real. We have been busy with youth this summer and haven't really had time to think about it. Plus by this time with Edmund we had seen the baby by ultrasound two or three times. We haven't seen this baby at all. But it's starting to move around and kick me a little bit, so it's getting much more exciting.

The pregnancy itself hasn't been very eventful, which is nice. The worst of my symptoms has been indigestion.

We bought some clothes for me for summer because I was dying from the heat. I bought them a little big in anticipation of growing but I haven't gained much weight and now that summer is toward the end they still don't fit. I guess that is something to be excited about!

The reason I call the baby it is because we are the annoying type who like to wait till the baby comes out to find out the sex, so if you are waiting in anticipation of a gender you won't find one on here until around Christmas time!

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Trevor & Taytum said...

I feel ya on the heat issue! I am dying! Oh well. We didn't care when our little guy would come.