Happy New Year!

I sure am hoping that 2010 is a little less chaotic than 2009 but pretty sure that won't happen! We stared off 2009 with a newborn, got into a pretty good rhythm, decided that we were done looking at houses to buy and were content to live in our apartment....forever!, then when the time came to renew our lease our property manager wasn't there and the next day God plopped a house in our laps and the chaos began!

Edmund at a D-backs game with his daddy!
She ADORES him :-)

She absolutely loves water.

7 or 8 month photo shoot!

They like to play together. I just know she is going to be his guinney pig! She isn't afraid of anything.

He wanted to help paint, and I didn't want any ruined clothes!

She doesn't mind taking his leftovers!

Edmund put plastic bag capes on and the adventure began!

These two are going to be in more trouble that I think we can imagine right now :-)
This is Rhylee, 7 months older than Genevieve.
We love our home. The kids keep us on our toes. I am hoping to keep more up to date than I have lately.
Come and see us!
The Hummer 4.

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